COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Deep Cleaning & Disinfection Service

Deep disinfecting business premises and workplaces it is a must at this time to make sure the key workers are in a safe environment as much as possible.
Here at Es Industrial Cleaning, we provide a full Deep Clean & Disinfection Service as a precaution measure or in a response to a real problem.

Our Deep Disinfection Cleaning includes:
  • All Surfaces & Touch Points
  • ​Equipment & Machinery
  • Floors, walls and Ceiling
Inside: additionally we perform a full fogging disinfection service.

Outside: we perform a full spray disinfection.

All our staff are fully trained and experienced in this industry which helps us to achieve the highest cleaning standards.

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If your business is closed down and would benefit from a deep clean before re-opening simply get in touch for a free quote or advice.

Deep Disinfection Types and Areas

Spray Disinfection

  • Bus Stops & Stations
  • ​Schools & Play-Areas 
  • Communal Areas

Fogging Disinfection

  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers
  • ​Offices

Wipe downs & Deep Cleaning

  • Essential work places
  • ​Business Staff Areas
  • Food Production Facilities

Business Owners & Government Organisations

The following is a message for YOU, who are running essential services, or thinking to reopen your services very soon and need to deep clean and disinfect but can't find the right solution, or the right cleaning company to do the job.
This is a huge problem for everyone right now, on how to keep everything clean and disinfected. Not everyone can work from home and many businesses still remain open, we are supporting those essential businesses and key workers Lincolnshire and Humberside making sure their premises are clean and sterile.

Unfortunately some essential services are still closed down only because of the worry surrounding cleanliness of the premises, and the safety of their key workers. These barriers are very worrying to business owners and organisations.

Worst of all, these businesses do not know how to find solutions to the these problems. 

Worry no more you can see that we have a solution for you!

We Also Issue a Certificate that your premises were Deep Cleaned & Disinfected  

(you put a certificated on the wall for your key workers or customers peace of mind)

Regular Deep Clean & Disinfection  (weekly/monthly/quarterly)

Full Deep Clean & Disinfection 

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